love over everything

Living in community with my junior high and highschool students has been a humongous learning experience for me and I could not be more grateful for the students I was able to walk through this season of life with. These students have a passion for learning and seek earnestly to understand truth. They care deeply [...]


This year has honestly put me through the ringer. About a year ago my brother finally admitted himself voluntarily to rehab. The day before I left for two weeks of camp with my youth group students I planned to run last minute errands and pack. I ended up driving to Santa Barbara to be there [...]

the road less traveled

Hey y’all I am Hannah. I love reading and writing and recently felt the urge to start a blog because of these hobbies of mine. I have a lot of stories and truths I have learned over the years and I can thankfully say I am still learning. Writing stuff out helps me process the [...]