the road less traveled

Hey y’all I am Hannah. I love reading and writing and recently felt the urge to start a blog because of these hobbies of mine. I have a lot of stories and truths I have learned over the years and I can thankfully say I am still learning. Writing stuff out helps me process the situation, and if you care to read along maybe we can learn some life lessons together.

My honest hope with this blog is that someone who does not understand God the Father will read the words I have put into the universe and find The Everlasting Peace (so if you already follow Jesus, please share this with your friends!!) I am sold out for living life with Jesus, and I believe in that journey I am called to tell other people about this amazing love I am able to experience… in hopes that they too will recognize the daily miracles set before them.

There is so much information on the internet and out in the world today. Some of it is positive, while most of it is extremely negative. Some fake news, others reporting facts. Some opinions are outlandish and hurt others while others seek to bring light into a dark world. I hope the information I share will encourage people to be kind and show love to everyone around them.

Most importantly I want to encourage each and every pair of eyes that comes across these pages to challenge what their culture is telling them is important.

Since graduating high school in the year of 2010, I have moved myself 14 times. Not joking. 8 years, 14 moves. Going on 15 in October. Every time I move into a new place I get rid of so much STUFF. I am constantly annoyed of myself and my shopping habit and swear to myself I will never step foot in a TJ Maxx ever again (ya right). When I am settled into my own apartment, however, I am fully convinced I need ALL the stuff. I see what others have and I want it, so I go shopping and spend money on temporary tangible items. But as I moved my belongings back into my parents house last week I realized, I have three sun hats. THREE. sun. hats.

Honestly necessary? No.

Normal for a Southern California beach babe? Probably.

Small realizations like this really put a dagger in my heart (religious or spiritual people will call this a “conviction” from the Holy Spirit!). When I stop and look at my three sun hats, I think of children in other parts of the world that cannot afford one pair of shoes for their feet or struggle to fill their stomachs daily with nutrition. I believe these convictions will one day allow me to help others on an international scale, and I hope that one day is soon.

I believe in one God, who created the heavens and the earth. I believe therefore the earth is not my home. This is a very temporary place where we are living temporary lives that will soon perish, along with my 3 sunhats. I cannot take my stuff with me to heaven and quite frankly, I will not need any of it there. This realization impacts the way I view life and death. Knowing I have heaven to look forward to and a God who has given me a task to share His love changes my hopes and dreams and shapes my desires for the world around me.

8 years ago my family lost our house in the big housing market bubble. One day my mom woke up and the bank had posted a note on our door, giving us 72 hours to get out of our house until the locks were changed. 3 days to pack up our lives and get out.

I think this event was what rooted me in my realization: society tells us to take the highway when maybe we were meant to walk the road less traveled.

Get married, have a kid, settle down. Or don’t get married, just move in together, have a kid, buy a house, etc. We all have this picture in our head of what it means to be “successful” but I wonder what would happen if we challenged ourselves to think about what “success” looks like for us personally. I believe God is super specific. Just look in the mirror. You were created specific and with a purpose. Your success might look different than your besties. What does success look like to you? Is it a selfish succession or does your success involve impacting the lives of other people as well? What is your end goal?

The Bible tells us that God looks at the heart of man. What we see on the outside may matter to the world, but Jesus judges us by our heart attitude. Do we extend time, energy and resources to others, or does our entire routine consist of activities that only benefit ourselves? Jesus gave us two commands while He was walking the earth, love God & love others. I work with highschool students in Santa Monica and I always encourage them to look up and smile at a stranger. Sometimes, it is honestly as simple as that. Driving around West LA I see unhappy people everywhere I look. People on their phones avoiding conversations with strangers. People who drive like maniacs, honking and flipping the bird if you move over when you turn your blinker on and they were 20 feet back before they saw your blinker and decided to speed up because heaven forbid someone else drive in front of them…. We live in this insane society that tells us we need to be first. First with the new phone or first with the latest trend. Success looks like a dollar sign on items we purchase or followers on social media.

Maybe to society you are not good enough, but to God you are more than good enough. He created you with a special purpose and daily nudges you towards greatness. After all, every good and perfect gift comes from above.


2 thoughts on “the road less traveled

  1. What a wonderful story. You are so smart and insightful and a terrific writer. I hope this will be s regular blog. I’m a fan!


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